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Bring your wish list.??
The Club sets the stage for your memories

If you are looking for an inviting architectural??
gem in the heart of the Bay Area to hold a wedding,??
art exhibit, concert or more, I highly recommend the Montclair Womens Cultural Arts Club.??
- Jennifer V. /Oakland??

Everyone, and everything, associated with the evening was perfect! ??- John and Ann
mark the important passages of our lives.????
Here at the Montclair Club we honor these significant moments in your??
life and we invite you to choose the Club for the setting of the event that??
is all that you imagine. ??We???re even good at helping you create the event that exceeds all you imagined.

Step through the tall double doors leading to the cranberry and teal entry and you have stepped into another place and time. ??Leave your daily concerns behind for a few hours of special attention and connection with family, friends, colleagues or community.
As you step into the Foyer, a waiter in a crisp white apron offers a tray of frosty beverages. ??Piano music plays from the Fireside Salon. ??Move toward the arts and crafts Mayan-tiled fireplace for a chat with friends and a nibble on delicious treats.

The Foyer, flanked on two sides by heavy draperies hanging from brass rings, hums with conversation and laughter as guests keep arriving and excitement builds. ??Just as drapes are pulled aside to reveal the sparkling Ballroom, a band strikes up a signature tune for the party, and you join friends for a special gathering.

Later you???ll recall your favorite moments. ??Chandeliers twinkling above with dozens of candles in the Ballroom ??? stepping out to the patio bounded by California oaks and redwoods soaring to blue sky and tucked away in this quiet corner of the Montclair hills ??? meeting in the garden for treasured photos ??? returning to the magical interior of the Club through gracious French doors, just as trays of champagne are passed for the special toasts.

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For a group of 20 or 200??? if it???s a wedding, bat/bar mitzvah, anniversary or birthday, a holiday party, community gathering, seminar lunch or memorial celebration???. the Club is a charming, personal, artistic and warm venue that invites you to host your guests for a remarkable occasion. ????
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