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Welcome to The Montclair Club!
Entrance of  Montclair Club.
Our Green Room - that special
place for the bride to enjoy her closest friends while she gets ready for her wedding.
Decoration detail with view of aisle ready for outdoor Wedding Ceremony.
Flower girls begin outdoor Wedding Ceremony.
Wedding Ceremony in our lovely outdoor courtyard setting.
Parents get ready to walk their daughter down the aisle.
Happy couple complete Ceremony.
Young girls celebrate their friend at her Bat Mitzvah!
Our outdoor setting is perfect for wedding portraiture.
Cake by City of Delights.
Outdoor setting is great for classic BW wedding portraits, as well as color photography.
Outdoor Wedding Ceremony.
Our quaint interior allows for
unique photo opportunities.
A portrait spot in our Salon.
A sweet outdoor setting, 
easily accessible for all SF Bay Area friends and relatives.
Cake by Nora del Chamberlin.
A natural setting for your Wedding Party photographs.
See our preferred caterers list!
Cake by Primose Bakery.
Bat Mitzvah setting facing the stage.
Our Ballroom set up for 140 dinner guests.
A perfect environment to honor your child and host their Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah.
Our Ballroom set for Dinner.
California Rose Catering lite fare.
Cake by Montclair Bakery.
Dining hall dressed for elegant cocktails.
Ballroom set for 80 guests.
Cake by Masse's Bakery.
 Bat Mitzvah decorations.
Bartender serves in our separate bar area.
Guests in Ballroom look on as couple takes their First Dance.
Wedding portrait in front of club.
Modern touch on cake.
Our spacious Ballroom inspires everyone to get up and dance!
Guests wind up the evening with fun in the Salon Piano Bar.
View of Bat Mitzvah set-up
from our dining hall toward  our outside courtyard.
Bouquet on club's chaise.
Our Fireplace Salon with piano and bar.
Cake by Nora del Chamberlin.
Bridesmaids standing by in our Foyer.
Cake by Nora del Chamberlin.
Ballroom set for intimate dinner.
Appetizers from one of our preferred caterers.
Dinner for 150 guests.
View of dining room facing Salon.
Colorful dinner party for 160 guests.
Wedding lunch for 60 guests in the Ballroom.
Window light floods Ballroom with orange and gold highlights.
Ceremony set up for 150 in Courtyard facing nature.
Let your imagination explore
all possibilities.
Courtyard ready for guests.
Our mahogany bar in the Fireside Salon.
Flower Detail.
Beautiful natural light enters through our front windows.
Our Courtyard ready for dinner from a view facing the club.
View of outdoor first dance from inside the club.
Outdoor Ceremony.
Couple pronounced happy!
Happy couple complete Wedding Ceremony.
Everyone joins couple dancing in our Ballroom.
Dad & Daughter enjoy a dance.
Couple enjoys the dance of the evening!
The Montclair Club
is a place for family and friends to enjoy being together!!
Ballroom with view of stage and piano.
Guests enjoy dinner in Ballroom.
Courtyard Wedding Ceremony.
Hanging candle detail.
Flower detail.
Flower bedecked mandap over couple for indoor ceremony.
Courtyard Ceremony
Our outdoor setting perfect for photos of Wedding Party.
Team-building - cook together and then sit down for dinner.
Circular set-up in Ballroom.
Courtyard Ceremony.
Brides's parents waiting for Ballroom Ceremony to begin.
Outdoor Ceremony.
Square dinner tables in circular set-up.
Our Courtyard ready to entertain your guests.
Guest enjoying themselves during Courtyard Dinner.
Guest in Courtyard having fun!
Toasts during Dinner in the Courtyard.
Guests enjoy dining and socializing.
Flower girl begins the Wedding Ceremony.
Our spacious Ballroom ready for guests to enjoy cocktails.
Gazebo over table in our Courtyard.
Long shot of our natural Ceremony setting.
Table setting detail.
Courtyard filled with guests.
Couple ready for honeymoon leaving through our front entrance.

Photo Gallery
Photographer Acknowlegements:
Rachel Balunsat
Sherry Burkart
Edie Fogel
Rosemarie Lion
Thor Swift
Irene Young