Back to Earth??
Organic Catering
P.O. Box 10104
Berkeley, CA. 94709
Eric Fenster

California Rose
1012 B Grayson Street
Berkeley, CA. 94710
Dov Sims??
List of Preferred Caterers

They will listen to your wishes and needs and tailor a proposal for your event at the Club. This group represents the best of catering in the Bay Area and I am proud to work with them. ?? ???? ?? ?? ??Babara Price, owner, MWCAC??

Hugh Groman Catering
Green Platters
2470 Martin Luther King Jr. Wy.
Berkeley, CA. ??94704
Hugh Groman
Melons Catering
3963 Callan Boulevard
South SF, CA. 94080
Ann Lyons??

Montclair Bistro
6118 Medau Place
Oakland, CA. 94611
Henry Vortriede
Preferred Caterers
The space was sparkling and beautiful: the food was great; and some of my food snob friends had SECONDS of the cake. ??You are amazing at what you do.??- Martina & Tanya
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I have been operating the Montclair Club since 1996 and when I began I wanted to work with as many caterers as possible rather than pick up other venues list of??preferred caterers. After many years of experience I finally created my own list for the Club. ??Our Preferred List of Caterers covers a range of budgets, styles and cuisine. They all offer delicious food, excellent service and high standards of catering. Also specific to every caterer on our list is a personal approach from the owners and staff. ??
Too Caterers??- kosher
Continental Caterers
918 Industrial Avenue
Palo Alto, CA. 94303
Wendy Kleckner
Website Design:??Irene Young and Carol Ehrlich
Devoted Catering
5836 San Pablo Avenue
P.O.Box 14092
Berkeley, CA. 94712
510-655-2355 ??
Carrie Dove Catering
1552 Beach St. Suite C
Emeryville, CA 94608
Adam and Carrie Dove
Claremont Hotel
41 Tunnel Road
Berkeley, CA 94705??
800-551-7266 ext. 1
Waterfront Plaza
10 Washington Street
Oakland, CA 94607
Reservations: 877.290.1145

List of Preferred Hotels
referred Caterers
Checkers Catering
83 Wright Brothers Avenue
Livermore, CA. 94551-9473
Monica Perez

Fork and Spoon Catering
2161 Third Street
San Francisco, CA. 94107
Jonathan Beil
Parties That Cook
601 Minnesota Street
Suite 115
San Franscisco, CA. 94107
Beth Harris

Susan Foord Catering
965 Mountain View Drive
Lafayette, CA. 94549
Susan Foord
1328 Sixth Street
Berkeley, CA. 94710
Royal Raspberry Catering
3100 35th Avenue
Oakland, CA. 94619
contact: Katheryn Sangelina
Taste Catering
3450 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA. 94124